An impressive example of Narford Scaffolding Services on display, with a historic building in the UK expertly enveloped in scaffolding. The sturdy metal framework surrounds the stone façade, allowing for safe restoration work. Above the grand wooden entrance door, the intricate stonework and the building's nameplate remain visible, set against a clear blue sky with the bare branches of winter trees framing the scene. The scaffolding provides a stark yet necessary contrast to the building's traditional architecture, highlighting the essential role of Narford Scaffolding in maintaining the country's heritage.
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national specialist Scaffolding Services

Quality scaffolding design and installation services are provided by our team of qualified design engineers and we have access to a large range of leading system scaffold and lifting equipment.

Offering a particular expertise in refurbishment, rail and projects for the construction industry, Narford Scaffolding works extensively across the commercial, residential and public sectors.

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Supplying the UK with Scaffolding for 35+ Years

Certified Company

Opt for our UK-certified scaffolding services, where safety, reliability, and adherence to rigorous standards are at the heart of our operations, ensuring your peace of mind on every project.

experienced workers

Our team of scaffolders brings extensive experience to every project, combining highly qualified staff with a deep understanding of the UK's expanding scaffolding regulation, for unmatched, efficient service.

We are committed to invest in our team’s advancement, routinely renewing qualifications and shaping targeted training that aligns with client specifications and our employees' career growth.

A grand historical building undergoing maintenance, enveloped in an intricate network of scaffolding services. The comprehensive scaffold structure, installed by professionals, reaches up to the building's elegant cupola, ensuring safe access for restoration. The image captures the juxtaposition of the classical architecture with the temporary yet essential framework against a moody sky, highlighting the vital role of scaffolding services in the upkeep of architectural heritage
Narford Scaffolding
Scaffolding Services


Civils & Industrial

Expert industrial and commercial scaffolding for projects of any scale.


MOD & Government Buildings

Secure, compliant scaffolding for MOD and government building projects.


Historical Structures & Stately Homes

Preserving heritage with delicate scaffolding for historical buildings.


Network Rail

Specialist scaffold services ensuring safety across railway infrastructure.


New Housing Developments

Reliable scaffolding solutions for innovative new housing developments.


Commercial & Domestic

Tailored scaffolding for domestic projects with care and precision.

Reliable Scaffolding Solutions Throughout the UK

Our comprehensive case studies showcase our expert scaffolding projects across the UK. Each study offers a detailed insight into our approach, execution, and the challenges we’ve overcome. Discover how we’ve consistently delivered excellence in every project!


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